Wireless Combo of Mouse and Keybaord

Whether you’re interested in the mobility options provided by wireless peripherals or if you just want to get rid of those @#%$ cables, the Wireless Keyboard and Mouse bundle is a high performing option at a very reasonable price.

Nearly everyone hates computer cables. Not enough to buy an i-Mac, of course, but still hate the inevitable spaghetti that gathers around one’s PC and desk. Most of all you may hate mouse and keyboard cables. PS/2 keyboard cables are typically pretty thick and love to snag on any and all objects. Some are even wound in a spiral in an attempt to keep them neat. All this succeeds in doing is making the cable too short and even more snag-prone. Mouse cables are the most egregious of all. They can find any crack or crevice and snag on it and over time they always develop curious and permanent bends that hinder free movement.

Our new and reasonably priced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse bundle. For the price of many competitor’s keyboards or mice alone, We offer both devices in a single box. And that includes the receiver

Features and benefits include:
Wireless connectivity is achieved through digital radio frequency auto-synchronization technology.
Patented auto-synchronization technology enables the receiver to automatically detect the mouse and keyboard, making setup and operation fast and convenient.
The keyboard offers nine keys for multimedia and Internet access, which enables one-button selection of users’ favorite sites and applications.
Works up to 10M from the receiver.
Offers 2.4GHz bandwidth.
Mouse works perfectly for both right- and left-handed users.
Features QuietType™ keyboard membrane technology for whisper operation.
Offers comfortable, long-term use with integrated wrist rest.

Setup & Installation
The package includes the keyboard, mouse, receiver. Setup is extremely simple:
Remove your old mouse and keyboard drivers, if applicable. The mouse and the keyboard used the standard Windows driver.

Plug in the receiver to a USB port on the PC.
Insert batteries for both the mouse and keyboard.
The Receiver
The receiver does not require the mouse or keyboard to be in its line of sight and is tolerant of either device moving around without dropping the signal.

The Mouse
The mouse is very comfortable fit and is operated very smoothly, in addition to being smooth and comfortable, the mouse works with admirable speed and precision.

The Keyboard
The keyboard layout is standard with multimedia shortcut keys.

Wireless BluWireless mouse & keyboard combo

Wireless BluWireless mouse & keyboard combo