How to use Wireless Mouse on iPhone/iPad?

  • Make sure you have turned on the Wi-Fi of your iPhone/iPad and connected your device to the LAN of Mac/PC, to which your device is connected to (Mac/PC and iPhone may need to be connected to the same router).
  • In order to sync your device with your computer, please download and install Remote Mouse on your computer first if needed.
  • If the Firewall of your computer asks if to block Remote Mouse, please don’t block it.
  • Install Remote Mouse on your Mac/PC and run it.
  • Run Remote Mouse on your iPhone/iPad, click “Auto Connect” button. Or enter your computer’s IP address, then click “Connect” button.
  • Now you can control your computer via your iPhone/iPad: tapping on your device screen is equal to clicking the left mouse button; tapping on the screen with two fingers is equal to clicking the right mouse button; sliding two fingers on the screen is equal to sliding the mouse wheel.
  • Rotate the iPhone/iPad to the left can switch to the full screen keyboard. Rotate the device to right can switch to the full screen mouse touchpad.
  • If you want to reconnect, on iPhone, place the iPhone upside down. On iPad, click the gear button, then choose “Disconnect” to return to connection menu.