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2.4Ghz RF digital wireless mouse/cordless mice( mini receiver)

2.4GHz or 27MHz RF Wireless Foldable (Flexible) Multi Media Keyboard

2.4GHz RF Wirless Optical Mouse & Keyboard COMBO (SC-WMK-G101)

2.4GHz digital RF wireless mouse(the receiver can be hidden)(SC-WM-G01)

USB Optical Skype Mouse with VOIP,Skype Phone (Promotion Gift)(SC-UPH-228m)

high quality mini 2.4G wireless mouse (nano receiver)

2.4G RF wireless mouse,fashion cordless mice

10.2 Inch Portable Notebook PC / E-PC /Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer(UMPC)

multimedia wirelss pc laser presenter-high tech usb novelty products(sc-lp-515)

HOT Products!

2.4G Hz Radio Frenquency (RF) Wireless Optical mini Mouse (SC-WM-G03)

USB Optical Skype Mouse with VOIP,Skype Phone (Promotion Gift)(SC-UPH-228m)

RF Wireless Mouse(SC-WM-100)

2.4G RF wireless mouse,fashion cordless mice

Promotion Products

USB Optical mouse with function USB VOIP,Skype Phone(SC-UPH-218M ) [USD$]

high quality mini 2.4G wireless mouse (nano receiver)[USD$]

usb wireless laser pointer presenter with usb rechargeable function(sc-lp-512)[USD$]


Frenquently asked Questions

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We provide PC hardwares Made in China--Click Here To Contact Us
----There are 20 Pruducts in Wireless Smart RC Laser Presenter Totally, Please Click Them for Details----

usb wireless presenter with LCD time display and multimedia mouse function(sc-lp-507)


smart wireless laser presenter with mouse function and laser pointer(sc-lp-509)


usb wireless laser pointer presenter with usb rechargeable function(sc-lp-512)


multimedia wirelss pc laser presenter-high tech usb novelty products(sc-lp-515)


Laser Pointer with usb flash memory disk(advertisement gift)


wireless usb RC laser pointer presenter with mouse SC-LP-116 ( medical company promotion gift)


all-in-one)RF smart laser pointer,wireless presenter SC-LP-218


smart laser pointer,wireless laser presenter with wireless mouse SC-LP-502( novel promotion gift)


2.4GHz wireless laser presenter with multi-media mouse (high-tech gift)


Wireless smart RC Laser pointer Laser Presenter with USB driver(SC-LP-108)


Wireless RF Green Laser Pointer smart Presenter()SC-LP-G238


RC Smart Wireless Laser Pointer presenter with USB stick (SC-LP-110)promotion gift)


Green RC Laser pointer with Wireless Presenter and USB driver(SC-LP-138G )


Wireless RC Smart Laser Pointer Presenter with USB stick and Ball pen(SC-LP-111)


Wireless Smart RC Laser Pointer Presenter(4 keys) with USB memory Key(SC-LP-115)


Wireless Smart RC Laser pointer Presenter with USB flash Key(promotional gifts)


RC Smart wireless Laser Pointer Presenter with USB flash memory Stick Disk-(All-In-One)(SC-LP-301


Multi Function Wireless Smart laser presenter with Ball pen USB flash


RF Remote Control Smart Laser Pointer presenter with USB momory key


RF Remote Control Smart presenter Laser Pointer (a perfect PRESENTATION TOOL)

Wireless Smart RC Laser Presenter,laser pointer presenter,smart pointer,wireless laser presenter,Green lazer pointer,RF laser pointer, wireless projector,remote presenter usb memory presenter mouse£¬promotion gift, 2.4G Wireless Mouse,Keyboard china,USB Mouse,gift mouse,Supplier
Wireless Smart RC Laser Presenter,Professional provider of laser pointer presenter,smart pointer,wireless laser presenter,Green lazer pointer,RF laser pointer, wireless projector,remote presenter usb memory£¬presenter mouse£¬promotion gift,China manufacturer of Wireless Mouse & Keyboard,USB Mouse,PC hardware, Peripheral,gift mouse,wireless mice, optical mouse,novel shape mouse

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