Pocket size foldable bluetooth keyboard (SC-KB-203)

Sometimes your smartphone is all you’ve got with you when the need to write a detailed email or work on a document. That’s really a challenge thing of tapping on the […]<div class="addthis_toolbox addthis_default_style addthis_32x32_style" addthis:url='http://www.pc-hardware-china.com/pocket-size-foldable-bluetooth-keyboard-sc-kb-203/' addthis:title='Pocket size foldable bluetooth keyboard (SC-KB-203)'><a class="addthis_button_facebook"></a><a class="addthis_button_twitter"></a><a class="addthis_button_pinterest_share"></a><a class="addthis_button_linkedin"></a><a class="addthis_button_blogger"></a><a class="addthis_button_google_plusone_share"></a><a class="addthis_button_reddit"></a><a class="addthis_button_tumblr"></a><a class="addthis_button_folkd"></a><a class="addthis_button_compact"></a><a class="addthis_counter addthis_bubble_style"></a></div>

Sometimes your smartphone is all you’ve got with you when the need to write a detailed email or work on a document. That’s really a challenge thing of tapping on the little keyboard on smartphone screen.
There are quite a few portable keyboards available that can step in when you need to do a lot of writing. Free time with the iPhone or Android phone can turn into unexpected productive time with the right accessory.

A crucial criteria of choosing a bluetooth keyboard for smartphone and tablet is as small as possible for transport, yet offer a nearly full-sized keyboard for touch typists. You can toss any of these in the smallest bag and even forget it until you need to get to work.

Folding keyboards maybe are the most portable format, it is designed for smartphones and small tablets and may be the easiest, on-the-go solution to smartphone typing. porket folding size and nearly-standard size of unfolded, the keys on the folding bluetooth Keyboard ( pocket keyboard for smartphone or tablet) are much like those on laptops, so it is good for rapid touch typing.
Key spacing is good and keys have decent tactile feedback.

Here’s our pocket size folding bluetooth keyboard (SC-KB-203)

Model No.:SC-KB-203

Product Features:
Wireless Bluetooth Folding Keyboard, pocket Size keyboard.
Compact Bluetooth 3.0 in BROADCOM BCM20730 Chipset
Sicssor-structure keys make effortless typing, QWERTY layout with Fn function keys
Build-in 200mAh rechageable polymer lithium battery for long time use.
Work with IOS/Windows/Android system and bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers.
A mini travel stand as a gift with keyboard sets, for holding tablet or smartphone.

Product details:
Available Color: black/white
Size: 324*106*11mm
Net Weight: 185g
Material: ABS Keyboard
Bluetooth Ver: Bluetooth3.0
Working Current:10mA
Peak Current:30mA
Charge Voltage :DC5V
Working Duration:20H (on fully charged)
Current on Sleep:80uA
Standby time:22 days
Bluetooth effective distance:10M
Battery Capacity: 200MAH
Fatigue life: 1,000,000 times passed
Support System: Android / iOS / Windows
Keyboard Layout : US/English



This foldable  can be folded in half size of length,  this feature is very convenient to carry.


Multi functional keys make keyboard compact.


X-structure key makes good typing feeling.


You may use this foldable keyboard with currently popular terminal device and OS.