2.4G RF Wireless Mouse/Cordless Mice with Mini(NANO) Receiver and RF PCAB wholesale China

Advantages of “2.4G RF Wireless Mouse”
. RF wireless mice are a great technology because of their overall reliability and stability. Other forms of communication such as Infrared technology need to be in “line of sight” in order to work properly which makes using them with a mouse impractical. 
Some of the reasons that RF technology is great for wireless mice includes the fact that the RF transmitter housed in the mouse requires low power. Usually, RF wireless mice are powered by small, light weight batteries .

  RF wireless mice are also inexpensive.  RF wireless mice are lightweight, so it means you can move them comfortable and easily.

  As with most mice on the market today, wireless mice use optical sensor technology rather than the earlier track-ball system. Optical technology improves accuracy and lets you use the wireless mouse on almost any surface — an important feature when you’re not tied to your computer by a cord.

Cordless, so no tangled wires around you, more than 10m of effective controlling distance, wireless make you freely use the mouse, the wireless feature works flawlessly. In fact, if one had really good eyes, one could operate the computer from the other side of a room. Yes, I’ve actually tried that, with the mouse moving the cursor around the screen with no problems.

You do not have to disconnect the mouse each night. The mouse enters a battery saving mode when no movement is detected for some time, allowing batteries to last upwards of three to six months (depending on usage) with a continuous connection. In other words, you really only need to disconnect the mouse when you want to move or store the computer.

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2.4G Wireless Mouse Technology

RF Transmitter
A 2.4G Hz radio frequency (RF) transmitter is usually integrated inside the mouse. The mouse records its movements and buttons that are clicked and then sends this information via radio signals to the receiver.
RF Receiver
The 2.4G Hz radio frequency (RF) receiver usually connects to the computer’s peripheral mouse input. It receives these RF signals, decodes them and then sends these signals directly to the computer as normal. RF receivers usually come in a few styles. The majority come as built in components that connect to the mouse input, others can be a separate card that is installed in one of the many expansion slots of computers and the third type of receiver is a separate unit that is then connected to a cable going directly to the computer’s peripheral input. Since the technology has been mastered, most wireless mice have integrated receivers that plug into a computer’s peripheral input and are very small in size.

Pairing is the process of coordinating your mouse’s transmitter with your mouse’s receiver. It requires both parts to operate on the same frequencies, usually by using the same identification code. Pairing takes place to try to eliminate interference. Some devices automatically pair both devices at start up; others need to be manually paired.

Generally, the wireless mouse had been paired in factory, users needn’t to pair the transmitter to to receiver.

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Features of Our 2.4G Wireless Mouse

1) 2.4GHz RF technology digital wireless optical mouse
2) Working distance up to 10 meters
3) DPI changeable—-using the DPI shift button on the top of the mouse, can switch the speed to 800dpi or 1600dpi(or customized)
4)Interface: USB, very small receiver (Nano receiver) can be plugged in the transmitter (mouse) when you want to store it.
5)auto powers save and sleep function, long batteries life (ordinarily we needn’t change the battery in two months)
6)the receiver can be hidden in the mouse, so it is very portable.
7) red, yellow, green, blue, black and more kinds of colors are available
8)OEM / ODM are welcomed
Packing: white/color box
Battery: 1*AAA, 2*AAA,1*AA,2*AA (different model is with different batteries)


We also provide customized  “PCBA”  for 2.4G Wireless Mouse

We also provide COB or PCBA to our customers for DIY their own 2.4G wireless mouse, technology Data are as following:

1)Radio Tech: 2.4GHz, two-way radio 16 channel FHSS, GFSK modulation
2)Working Frequency: 2402-2480MHZ
3)Working Distance: >10m
4)Sensor: PAN3204DB
5)DPI(CPI):400/500/600/800/1000/1200/1600(optional to choose 1 or more shifts)
6)Pair Code: Press “Right”+”Middle” for 1 sec.
7)The ID is saved in a EEPROM, no need to pair code again when changing the battery, shutting down the mouse.
8)Low Voltage Alarming (optional function) .
9)Instructor LED for Low voltage, DPI shift(optional function).
10)Power Saving Mode:3-step resting + Automatically shut off + on/off switch
11)The nano receiver can also work for wireless keyboard.
12)Power Supply: 1 0r 2 AA(or AAA) batteries.
13)Power: 1.5V/22-25mA or 3V/9-12mA
14)PC & OS: IBM or MAC, a USB port,Win98/2000/CE/2003/XP/Vista 

Our mouse solution also includes some additional customized items, e.g. customized keys,  programmable customized keys, in general, we are mouse experts with years of professional design & manufacture experience, please contact us for any special requirements.